By order of the USDA and IDNR, no firewood may be transported in or out of Dogwood Springs. Learn more here.

Don’t Move Firewood

Be on the lookout for the Emerald Ash Borer.  By order of the USDA and IDNR, we cannot allow firewood in our campground from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and quarantined counties in Indiana.  Larvae feed in the phloem and outer sapwood, producing galleries that eventually girdle and kill branches and entire trees. On April 21, 2004, Emerald Ash Borer was confirmed in Indiana.  As of today, the EAB has been spotted as close to us as Avon, Indiana, on the west side of Indianapolis.

Transportation of firewood is the leading anthropogenic cause of new infestations of invasive insects and diseases. Outbreaks are often found adjacent to campgrounds and parks- the result of ordinary people taking firewood while on a camping trip.  We offer firewood for sale in the campground.  Please contact the campground host.


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Don’t Move Firewood
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