By order of the USDA and IDNR, no firewood may be transported in or out of Dogwood Springs. Learn more here.

Park Rules

Updated October 2016

 Welcome to Dogwood Springs Campground. For your safety and enjoyment we ask that you follow these rules when on the grounds.

Campground rules change from year to year. Please read each topic. The person that signs the lease agreement (Lessee) is responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of Dogwood Springs and ensuring their guests also follow the rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rules may result in lease termination. Please read carefully as some of the rules have changed from last year.


  1. There is a day charge of $5/visitor, payable upon arrival at the gate. Children under 12 are free and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A visitor pass may be used instead of cash. One pass may be used for a single family unit (parents & children) or individual.
  2. Visitors are expected to follow all campground rules and the lessee is responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Visitors are not allowed on the property unless Lessee is present.
  3. Lessee is responsible for accidents or damage to property during visitors stay.
  4. A drop box with envelopes are provided at the gate for visitor fees and passes.


Anyone using the park property, including the lakes does so at their own risk.

  1. Dogwood Springs Guest House area, Guest House lakes, and Quarry Lake are not part of Dogwood Springs Campground. Please respect the privacy of this area. The Guest House is available for lease through
  2. Please do not litter. A dumpster is provided for campground waste only. Please put all trash inside and close the lid.  Do not place large objects such as tires, furniture, appliances, or TV’s in or around the dumpster. Our trash service does not take these items. Do not put leaves or branches in the dumpster.  Leaves, grass and branches may be scattered in the ravines or in the woods. If you dismantle a dock, shed, shelter, or deck, please haul the debris off site for disposal.
  3. Hunting is not allowed at any time at Dogwood Springs. Hunting is allowed in the adjacent Deer Creek Fish and Wildlife Area. Check with the DNR for permits.
  4. Swimming is prohibited.
  5. Throwing rocks, sticks, leaves, or trash in the lakes is prohibited.
  6. Rowboats, small boats with trawling motors, and paddle-boats are allowed on the lakes. Pontoon boats and motorboats are not allowed.
  7. Sport fishing allowed. Minnows for fishing, trapping devices, trotlines, jug lines, or nets are not allowed. No frog gigging.
  8. Please do not remove the grass carp. The do not multiply and eat only water vegetation.  If you hook one, cut your line. They may be quite large.
  9. Firearms, bow and arrows, BB guns, air guns, paint ball guns, blow darts, slingshots and fireworks are prohibited.
  10. Please do not attach metal, nails, screws, wire, or rope that does not stretch to any tree. Cutting, removing, defacing, or destroying trees, shrub or plants is prohibited. Do not place large amounts of gravel at the base of a tree. It will damage the roots and eventually kill the tree. If a tree needs to be cut down, cut up, or removed, contact Vaughn Edwards
  11. You may walk or use a golf cart on the trails. Stay on trails. Avoid leaving ruts in muddy conditions.


  1. Camp fires are allowed in open areas of your campsite when confined within a fire ring.  The fire ring should be smaller than 4 feet across.  Protect the trees. No high, blazing fires. Ensure that fires are completely out before leaving your campsite.
  2. Leaf burning, trash burning and plastic burning is prohibited.
  3. Firewood may be purchased at the firewood rack or cut from a designated area.
  4. Do not stack firewood against trees.
  5. Indiana Department of Natural Resources is trying to stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer, an insect that kills ash trees. Because this pest is found in the bark of firewood no firewood is to be moved in or out of the campground.


  1. The speed limit on all roads is 10 mph.
  2. All vehicles must stay on graveled areas when the ground is soft and muddy.
  3. Please park so the roads are not blocked.
  4. No three or four wheel all terrain vehicles or dirt bikes are allowed.
  5. Golf carts and carts for handicapped persons are allowed. You are required to sign a release before operating your golf cart on the property.  Golf carts are to be operated only by adults or persons with a valid driver’s license.


We expect campers to be considerate to other campers at all times.

  1. If you are entering the park after 10 pm, do so quietly.
  2. Conversation, radio, TV, etc. should be at low volume. Obscene language is not allowed.
  3. No generators are allowed, except for emergency power.
  4. Discreet and responsible alcohol consumption is to be confined to your site.


  1. Dogs must be kept on a leash or runner at all times.
  2. Respect other campers. Please keep your dog from barking excessively.
  3. No pets are to be tied to trees or left unattended.
  4. Clean up after your pet. This includes when walking your dog on the trails and roads.


  1. In an effort to keep our expenses down, visitor passes, ice & firewood vending, and rules are all on the honor system. Please do your part ot make the honor system work.
  2. Be honest, kind and courteous to other campers.
  3. Enjoy the beauty of the forest, leave only your footprints, take only memories and pictures.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Have an enjoyable time.


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